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Taxi Zadar 057 organizes one-day or half-day excursions depending on the destination.

Currently we have 3 destinations to visit:

1. National park Plitvice lakes
2. National park Krka waterfalls
3. National park Paklenica

For any destination to decide, the driver will take you to the destination to wait till you see everything and return you back to your address.



N.P Krka Waterfalls

Taxi excursions to N.P Krka

Krka is the seventh national park in Croatia known for its numerous lakes and waterfalls.
It got its name by the river Krka which is part of the park. The National Park is located in central Dalmatia
downstream of Miljevac and only a few kilometers northeast of the city of Sibenik.
Krka became a national park on January 24, 1985.
Krka today has 7 sedge waterfalls and its beauty is a natural karst phenomenon, which is recommended to visit in the spring and summer because it is then in full splendor and can be refreshed in pure water.

N.P Plitvice Lakes

Taxi excursion to N.P Plitvice Lakes

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is a geologic and hydrogeological karst phenomenon. The Plitvice Lakes Complex was proclaimed a national park on April 8, 1949. It is the largest, oldest and most visited Croatian national park.
It represents a wooded mountain area with 16 lakes of different sizes, filled with crystal blue water.
Lakes get water from numerous streams and streams, and are interconnected by cascades and waterfalls.
Sitting barriers, which have arisen in the period of ten thousand years, are one of the fundamental peculiarities of the Park.
Spacious forest complexes, exceptional natural beauty of lakes and waterfalls, rich flora and fauna, mountain air, contrasts of autumn colors, forest paths and wooden bridges, and much more are part of the unmistakable universe which UNESCO declared as a world heritage site in 1979 among the first in the world.
This is simply a national park that you have to visit!

N.P Paklenica

Taxi excursion to N.P Paklenica

The National Park Paklenica was proclaimed the second national park in Croatia, proclaimed on 19 October 1949, only a few months after NP Plitvice Lakes. It should be noted that Paklenica was first proclaimed National Park in 1929.
On July 7, 2017 NP Paklenica, along with the Northern Velebit National Park and Hajdučki and Rožanski horseradish nature reserve, was added to UNESCO's List of World Heritage Sites in Europe as part of the common heritage of 13 countries called "The Beech forests in the Carpathians and other areas of Europe".
The NP Paklenica's main phenomena are forests and geomorphological features of the park.
About 55% of the park is covered with vegetation, while around 45% of the naked karst relief.

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